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Summer Program

2021 Summer Highlights

This program started Monday June 14th and will run through the end of July.

Events and Activites

This program consists of the following events and activities:

- Monday Indoor Practice 4:30pm-6:30pm (Boys and Girls practice overlap for scrimmages and coed). 

- Wednesday Outdoor Practice 5:00pm-7:00pm. Weather permitting, we will set up grass courts at K Sports or find a sand court to practice on.

- Thursday 3 hour Open Gym 7:30pm-10:30pm on two courts. $10 for friends of the club to come out if they want to just do this but not the league. (Just scrimmaging, very little coaching)

- 3-4 doubles tournaments (grass and sand).


Contact Info for more questions

Program Information

The Battle Summer 2021 Program is a six week summer program focusing on developing players volleyball skills all around. Typically, players involved in club are designated a specific position. They focus only on improving the skills involved in setting, passing, blocking or hitting only causing lack of skill in other areas. We wanted to provide the opportunity for our players to gain experience on every facet of being a well rounded player. All of our coaches have played doubles and have found tremendous growth in playing doubles. We will be teaching our players to play two on two and entering them in doubles tournaments.  

The summer time also comes with many chances for players to seek out camps at universities, colleges, and clubs. These are great opportunities to home those role specific skills. We wanted to complement these programs instead of running our own version.