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Girls Volleyball Club

Girls Club Volleyball 2022-23 Season


Girls Club season starts in November and ends in June; longer if teams qualify for Nationals. Practices will be held at K Sports Complex.

Girls Club tryouts at K Sports Complex (10050 Pennsylvania Ave, Manassas VA 20110)

We are looking for skilled players for Travel teams in U13-U18 age range. Register here for tryouts!

U13-14 Tryouts

Team has been set! 

U15-16 Tryouts

Friday Nov. 11th,  6:00 - 7:30PM

Makeups: Sunday Nov. 13th,  5:00 - 6:30PM

U17-18 Tryouts

Friday Nov. 11th,  7:30 - 9:00PM

Makeups: Sunday Nov. 13th,  6:30 - 8:00PM

Program Overview

Volleyball like most other sports range from being a recreational and backyard bbq activity to intense competition.  We all start off playing volleyball with the "I'll give it a try... how hard can it be?" mindset and then progress in to loving the sport and wanting to play all year long.  Wherever your interest lies in that spectrum and wherever you are in your growth as a player, we try to make opportunities available to give you the experience you are looking for in your volleyball journey.

Our program consists of activities all year long, spanning all four seasons, through three major sessions/events/activities. 

  • Open Gyms and Clinics
  • Club Season
  • Summer Program

Open Gyms and clinics

Whenever there is a break between Club Season and Summer Program, we will host open gyms and clinics to provide the players who are a part of our club and non-club members opportunities to continue to 

  • keep their skills up
  • get coaching/advice/suggestions on getting better
  • have fun playing

Though we schedule these open gyms for club members, we do open it up to friends and the open public (youth only).  These open gyms and clinics are scheduled weeks in advance but sometimes will pop up because our players have asked for it.  Your best bet to knowing when we have it is to checkout our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Or checkout the events calendar below. 

Club Season

Club season is the BIG deal for most youth playing volleyball.  It starts mid-November and runs all the way through the end of May the following year.  If the team (parents) choose to want to keep going and attend one of the Nationals events, it will run in to late June.  It's where deep friendships and bonds are formed through sharing the highs and lows of playing as a team.  It's the opportunities to encourage and build each other up with grace and kind words.  It's the opportunities to face and overcome the battle in our minds when playing.   It's long road trips and sharing experiences in other cities.  It's building memories to last a lifetime.

During this period, there are: 

  • 2 practices weekly for 2 hours each 
  • Occasional third 2 hour practice for position specifics
  • 5 to 6 multi-day travel tournaments
  • 3 to 4 single day local tournaments
  • Winter break when practices become optional
  • Spring break when practices become optional

Club season starts with tryouts, see flyers and links below.  Tryouts are an intimidating, emotional, and stressful week.  We try to keep that in mind as we hold tryouts and encourage everyone to give it their best and deeply appreciate everyone that puts themselves on the line to go through such a tumultuous process.  

SUMMER Program

Though we labelled our program Summer Program, a more appropriate title would be Outdoor Program.   Coaches Sean and Mike have spent a lot of time, in their youth, playing outdoors and have such a fondness for outdoor volleyball.  We want to share that love and passion for the outdoor to those who are interested.  The summer program starts early June, as Club Season is winding down, and runs through mid-September.   In order to provide that outdoor experience, we've invested in multiple competition level outdoor net systems and outdoor balls.  During this time we hold

  • 2 weekly practices, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor on grass and/or sand
  • 4 to 6 grass/beach tournaments  (doubles and/or fours)

The focus during the Summer Program is

  • understanding and playing with the different ball handling rules for outdoors
  • becoming a better reader because there are fewer people on the court
  • becoming a better all around player because you have to do everything 
  • having a lot of fun 
  • getting a good tan (use sun screen)

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