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Girls Club Prep Open Gym and Clinics

GIRLS Club Season Prep Open Gyms

We'll have open gyms again!!  Stay tuned on FB and IG for future open gyms!

Check out the positions clinic if you want to keep going with volleyball!!


Come meet the coaches, get instruction from our expert crew, and have fun! Already really active in a sport? Make volleyball your second sport! We strongly support and encourage multi-sport athletes.

K-Sports (10050 Pennsylvania Avenue, Manassas VA, 20110)

Position Clinics

We love teaching volleyball and our clinics break them down into position specifics.  We explain 

  • The bio-mechanics ( the physical how )
  • The mental mechanics ( the brainy how )
  • The why ( why do it that way )

So that you understand mentally and physically how to play a role on the court in each of the rotations.

NOTE: We had our last clinic before tryouts and will have more in the future.  Please contact us by email ( or checkout our social media sites and our website calendar for future events.

K-Sports (10050 Pennsylvania Avenue, Manassas VA, 20110)