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Summer 2023 Program

Battle 2022 Summer Program

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2023 Summer Program Overview

This is the third year of our Summer Program.  The Battle Summer Program is a two month summer program, open to both boys and girls in middle and high school, starting in early June and ending in early August, focusing on developing players' volleyball skills all around.  Typically, players involved in club are designated a specific position. They focus only on improving the skills involved in setting, passing, blocking, or hitting causing lack of skill development in other areas.  We want to provide the opportunity for our players to gain experience on every facet of being a well rounded player. All of our coaches have played doubles and have found tremendous growth in playing doubles. We will be teaching our players to play in outdoor tournaments.

We will be conducting 2 practices per week, one indoor and one outdoor.  The indoor practices will be held at K Sports and the outdoor practices will be held on the grass soccer field next to K Sports or on the grass fields at Vint Hill.  Everyone can attend Battle hosted grass tournaments in late July and in August at Vint Hill for free.  

For everyone who wishes to enter AVP tournaments we recommend pairing with a consistent partner for the entire summer and also get an AVP membership.Coaches will provide instructions pertaining to ball control, strategy, playing in weather, and being competitive.

Program Dates: Monday June 6th  - August 3rd

Program Cost: $450

Practice Schedule:

Tuesdays - 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Indoor & Outdoor (Grass) Instruction @ K Sports

Thursdays - 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Indoor & Outdoor (Grass) Instruction @ K Sports

Every Other Mon or Weds - 5PM to 8PM Outdoor (Sand) Instruction @ Freedom Center

Participants in the Summer Program will receive the following:

  • Tank top to wear at tournaments
  • Instructions on outdoor grass courts 1 day a week
  • Doubles instructions indoors 1 day a week
  • Every other week an extra practice on sand with optional Saturday morning practices on the sand courts at Lincoln Memorial
  • Two Battle hosted grass tournaments @ Vint Hill in July and August - Tentatively scheduled for 7/8 & 8/12